Buying the right pair of jeans is always a challenge. With so many choices that you can choose from, it is always a good idea to research first especially when buying an investment pair of good quality premium denim. The AG Denim Jeans fit guide will guide you through your journey in finding the perfect pair. They have categorized every piece they have created into 5 major categories to make sense of what you want and which one will fit.

The most basic category is The Straight Cut. What this basically means is that the leg opening is the same width as the knee. So it has a bit of a leg room and is quite relaxed. There are five variations of The Straight Cut. If you are looking for a skinny straight cut then The Harper is the one you are looking for with a straight leg and a mid-rise waist. If you want a waist cinching vintage inspired look then go with The Phoebe. It has a tapered leg and a rise that measures 11 inches, 3 or 4 inches more than your regular rise pair. A basic office staple with a twist is The Tristan. It has a tailored trouser style with a relaxed fit and a slightly cropped length. If you are looking for tailored trousers with flap pocket detail then AG Jeans has its version of The Pepper for this classic semi casual look while The Caden is the updated slim trousers with a tailored silhouette and a slightly cropped length.

The most popular and actually the most flattering for any body type is The Skinny silhouette. AG Jeans currently has a very wide selection of The Skinny fit with 11 variations and many more colors per style. The very popular "jeggings" or a denim and a legging combined into one has two variants. The Legging is the basic skinny staple while The Legging Ankle is the cropped version that goes only to your ankles obviously. For petite girls, this is the perfect pair. No need to step on your hem, or fold them up or go to your local tailor for a length adjustment. If you want an even slimmer silhouette with a higher waist then The Farrah Skinny and The Farrah Skinny Crop is what you are looking for. Every girl needs a pair or two (or ten! If we are honest) of a regular skinny jeans but sometimes, we also need to look a bit more sophisticated. The cigarette cut is a good choice if you want a skinny slim fitting jeans with a straight hem that doesn't hug your ankles like the jeggings does. AG Jeans has The Prima and The Prima Crop as their version of their cigarette pants with a medium rise for a bit of comfort. A variety of the cigarette cut with lower rise has three variations. The Stilt which is the perfect ankle length, The Stilt Crop is a bit shorter in length and The Stilt Roll-up which has the length of the Stilt Crop but with a rolled hemline. While vintage is always an inspiration for denim, it is always a good idea to adapt what works and update what doesn't. The Sophia is the classic updated vintage skinny with a high rise reminiscent of the 70's. The Middi completes the skinny collection with the classic cut of a skinny jeans updated with a medium rise.

Boot cut is a classic staple that also flatters every figure. AG Jeans has two takes on this standard with The Angel, a slender silhouette with a slightly flared hemline while The Ballad has a slimmer cut with just a hint of flare at the bottom. The fourth category is the Flared Fit. It is a big trend nowadays, reminiscent of the flower people from the 70's but with a millennial twist. The Jodi Crop has a slender fit that flares very subtly in the ankles while The Janis has a high-waisted silhouette slim fitting thighs and knees and a full on wide flare at the bottoms. The Layla is a relaxed fit denim trousers with flared leg cropped at the ankles.

The last category that adds spice to round up the collection is The Boyfriend Fit. This silhouette has become popular from a few years ago and has not left since. With the idea that you are borrowing your man's jeans and dressing it up to still make it stylish has truly caught on. It has been re-invented countless times but AG Jeans has one of the best fits of boyfriend jeans in the market. It has retained its masculine appeal using a balanced play of silhouette and a nicely designed surface finishing without losing the soft curves of a woman's body. This is the reason why a whole slew of Hollywood celebrities and media personalities can be seen wearing the brand's version of this trend. The Beau has a relaxed fit with a slouched hip and a slender silhouette with a tailored leg while the Ex-Boyfriend Slim is cropped at the ankle with a relaxed fit, medium rise and a slightly tapered leg.

The vast selection of AG Jeans you can choose from will take you from day to night to the wee hours of the morning to any point in the globe. The versatility of denim allows you to dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Hope this rundown of all the silhouettes has helped you narrow down what fits your list. Happy shopping!